Brother Kuma

Music Producer, Sound Designer, DJ and music fanatic stationed in Gothenburg, Sweden

Brother Kuma (Bear) have been mixing and producing heavy and chill beats for the past decade. Influenced by both classic and modern electronic sounds his main aspiration is to invite listeners on a journey through a diverse sonic landscapes.

His music style is a fusion of various electronic subgenres with an old school sampling approach. Incorporating elements of ambient, house,  tech house, hip hop and techno to create a distinctive sound.

His sound design is focused on atmospheric mixing and short stories with abstract soundscapes.

Whether through the pulsating energy of a dance track or the introspective calm of an ambient piece his mission isn always to create a unique  experience for the listener.

All music productions will be published on his own label Cells Interlinked

A word from Brother Kuma

Giving back and contributing to a better tomorrow in the form of knowledge and resources is a big part of my identity. My favourite cartoon as a kid was The Care Bears. Their solution to a problem was almost always to  lock arms, unify and make the problem go away with their combined love and wisdom. The care bear solution to any evil or problem still inspirers me today, so simple and logical. Unity and love. Therefore, if you have any questions or need help reach out to me and if you have the time and the resources please check out some of the organisations I support. 

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